Hackney Hamper is a new approach to the traditional hamper; an original array of high quality products made in Hackney by small producers, presented in a bespoke recycled case. A contemporary slice of culinary life and a reflection of the passion and entrepreneurial spirit that comes from all corners of the community. It is this spirit that makes the borough one of the most thriving, energetic and diverse areas of London.

Due to the nature of our small scale producers, products may occasionally be unavailable and might be replaced at any time for similar items.

Dalston Cola

Dalston Cola was conceived in 2010. Refusing to sell big brand coke, barman Steve Wilson decided to make his own. Researching the recipe, he discovered the most interesting ingredient was the caffeine rich cola nut, a West African stimulant, but they taste awful and need to be disguised with a cauldron of citrus, sugars and spices. Steve joined forces with friend and food entrepreneur Duncan O’Brien and after trying many recipes, they developed a natural drink that tastes great and is better for the body, and planet, than many other brands.

Officially launched in June 2012, Dalston Cola is currently distributed to many  of Hackney’s independent cafés and bars and is quickly becoming the  drink to be mixing with on the London scene.

Beavertown Brewery

Beavertown Brewery was formed in 2011 by Logan Plant in the De Beauvoir area of Hackney. The name is derived from the old Cockney term for the historic area famed across Victorian London for its rich characters and infinite revelry!

The brewery quickly outgrew its first home and is now nestled in Tottenham Hale. Their award winning beers are famed throughout Hackney and this year we’re featuring 2 of their tasty cans:

Gamma Ray American Pale Ale is a brew you can sit on and drink all day, rammed with juicy malts and tropical aromas of mango and grapefruit. The beer is dry hopped for days, driving the punchy perfume that you can smell from miles away!

Neck Oil is Beavertown’s every day, all day, easy drinking IPA – a light, punchy beer. Extra pale base malts are used to keep it crisp and give the hops a great platform to dance on. Masses of late hop additions throughout the last 20 minutes of the boil and a huge dose of dry hops make this a brilliantly ‘easy’ IPA.

Dalston Chillies

After experimenting with various cuisines from around the world, amateur chef Ben fell in love with the Scotch Bonnet chilli, which became the basis of his first homemade hot sauce. The sauce was an instant success and when friends began demanding more, he founded Dalston Chillies to keep up with demand, selling it from behind the turn tables at his DJ sets.

All his sauces are made from the freshest ingredients and Ben has worked hard on balancing the salt and vinegar to keep his sauces free from any artificial preservatives. We feature his chipotle ketchup (sweet, vinegary, and smoky) and his Bajan hot sauce.

Soffles Pitta Chips

Sophie Harvey started making pitta chips at home in Hackney for friends three years ago. They were so popular she found herself cooking up a logo and giving out her creations at private views. Eighteen months later she managed to quit her job in an art gallery to focus on chip-making.

Sophie says: “Hackney has been a great place to start as people in pubs and cafes are really up for trying new independent products and so are the people in Hackney. Making the chips is extremely labour intensive but when the day is done and I can go and deliver them, I get such a good reaction it’s really worth all the roasting.”

We like to serve up Soffles’ Chilli & Garlic flavour pitta chips.

Land Chocolate

Land Chocolate. After travelling through Central America, founder Phil Landers returned to the UK with a goal – to become a chocolatier using beans from Nicaragua and Guatemala. He makes his chocolate in a small workshop in the heart of Bethnal Green, East London and creates the most divine award winning chocolate.

Husk & Honey granola

Husk & Honey is London’s premium fresh granola bakery, specialising in fresh, delicious, award-winning granola, 100% free from refined sugar, dairy and wheat, made with premium 100% organic, gluten-free jumbo oats.

We feature their Oat & Nut Granola winner of best cereal at the Great British Food Award 2017. Judge Michel Roux Jr had this to say “Husk & Honey Granola tastes homemade, with a lovely nutty flavour. It has a little hint of sweetness from the fruit and honey with a pleasant crunch. Every now and then there was an explosion of taste from the Himalayan salt. It is really delicious with goat’s milk yoghurt and a few blueberries.” We agree!

Joe's Tea Company

Joe's Tea The Earl Of Grey“Tea brings people together “

From helping out in his family’s pub kitchen as a child, via Brighton’s flamboyant organic trade in his twenties, to pitching up in London to head up production at an organic tea company, Joe has always lived and breathed the trade of taste. and loving how, a little seed was sown.

After much toil, travels and fine tea guzzling, Joe’s Tea Company was launched in 2012. Joe’s dream? To bring us our favourite hot drink in its finest form, to tingle our taste buds with quirky and colourful concoctions, and to keep it real, to celebrate the moments shared over a quality cuppa.

Longflint Drinks Co.

Longflint sits at the intersection of craft beer and craft spirits. Using pure fruit juices, our own infused simple syrups and tinctures and top quality British craft spirits we create drinks that surprise and delight.

For their 2017/18 winter limited edition drink they macerated whole British conference pears in East London Liquor’s 100% Wheat Vodka for three weeks and then blended it with a light spiced simple syrup made with ginger, cardamon, cinchona bark, clove and whole clementines.

Eat 17 Bacon Jam

Eat 17 Bacon Jam


All three! Jam it on some cheese, spread it on crusty bread or relish it by the spoonful from the jar.

It came together like magic, in the kitchen of our East London restaurant. Onion jam meets smoky bacon. Blimey, that’s good! Everyone loved it on their burgers, and demanded some to take home. We knew we had a duty to share it with the world.

58 Gin


Born of a passion to experiment and with beginnings rooted in an unorthodox background, 58 Gin strives to create the best in hand crafted, premium artisan gin.

Traditionally distilled in small batches to ensure that every drop is perfectly balanced, 58 Gin continues its ambitious philosophy to become the gin of choice for elite bartenders and discerning consumers.

Square Root Soda

Ed & Robyn started Square Root in 2012 selling fresh ginger beer at local farmers market. Their customers loved it, so they made more flavours out of the local produce around Hackney. With more and more varieties every week, before they knew they’d bought a 1920’s tricycle, called Elsie, and started pedalling their sodas all around town. Demand grew and grew and in late 2013 they founded Square Root Soda Works – a fantastic production space in a disused railway arch in the heart of Hackney.

Their sodas are made from fresh, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, where possible, and are juiced or infused by hand. The little sugar that they add is either British grown beet sugar or organic & Fairtrade cane sugar. And that’s it. No compromises.

Minor Figures

Launched in 2014, Minor Figures Cold Brew Coffee is aiming to bring the latest coffee trend to the masses whilst upholding the quality and value of speciality coffee.

In their microbrewery in Hackney Wick, they steep a blend of the season’s best coffee beans in cold filtered water for 18 hours to produce a rich, full flavoured and ultra-natural cold coffee drink. We feature a selection of their black, organic milk and coconut milk coffees.

Love Corn

Love Corn‘s mission is to make their customers smile and make roasted corn their favourite snack, one kernel at a time. They tick all the boxes – good fibre, vegan, gluten & sugar free.

What’s not to love and experiment with?

Their simple and clean ingredients make their roasted corn not only delicious but they also do good.




The Roasting Shed

The Roasting Shed is a small batch coffee roastery in Hackney Wick. They hand-roast carefully selected beans from farmers around the world that have been specifically chosen for their superior flavours and sourced from responsibly minded importers and coffee hunters who work directly with farmers and cooperatives striving for a superior quality product.

The Roasting Shed was founded by Ricardo who grew up amongst coffee farms in the lush hills of Quindío, Colombia. He uses his first-hand experience of cultivation, harvest & processing to select the finest green beans and develop each roast to bring out the bean’s specific characteristics.

Life is too short to drink bad coffee.